For anyone who takes up dancing and develops a real talent for it, trying to turn it into a career option can be a nightmare of a journey. We know as we have traveled that road! Most people have heard of the Royal Ballet School thanks to Billy Elliot, but that doesn’t mean there are not other schools that can help you in following your career choice. Don’t let the fact that you don’t yet know anything about ballet dancing put you off going to a ballet school. Everyone’s in that same boat. If you knew how to ballet dance already, there would be no need for you to go to a ballet dancing school.

What Is The Aim?

Whilst the initial idea behind The Ballet Trust is to help fund a young dancer’s dreams, until we get that part of it going, we hope we can help you make informed choices about the schools that offer dance education and how to find the funding to help you with the cost of getting top class training.


Why Choose Us?

We cannot profess to be able to provide every bit of information about every school, but at least we can tell you what schools exist and point you towards getting in touch with them to find out more about the training they offer and how to get into the schools. We can also recommend some Discovery trained personal trainers who can work with you to help you condition your body and achieve the necessary fitness levels for serious ballet dancing.

We hope you find the site informative and that you will consider helping us achieve our ultimate goal of being able to help with the funding of young dancer’s dreams.

How much of the money will go towards administration?

At present the organisation is run by volunteers that do not accept any remuneration. It is obvious that in time the organisation will grow to a point where personnel need to be hired to assist with the administration of several hundred thousand members, but every endeavour will be made to limit the salaries bill. Being a Charity means accounts have to be audited and there are fees associated with that. Normal costs in running a business will also be incurred, but these will be kept to a minimum where possible.

It is obvious that the more money that is spent on administration, the less money there is to distribute to dancers in need of funding. It is the aim of the Ballet Trust to fund dancers and not bureaucrats and office administration.